Heber X10i USB I/O expansion board

15th July 2015

X10i – The Gaming Peripheral of Choice

Over the past few months, Heber’s investment in product development has resulted in further support of the X10i gaming controller. The controller provides complete gaming connectivity through the Pluto T100 gaming PC or any other Windows® or Linux based PC system. The X10i connects to a PC via a USB port and provides a wide range of I/O and control interfaces to gaming peripherals, such as note acceptors and coin mechanisms.

A key issue for gaming manufacturers is protecting against game piracy. The X10i has a unique security key feature and an exclusive electronic serial number that prevents a customer’s game from running on any other systems. It also has a real time clock, with battery backup, which can store critical data for up to 180 days. Real time processing also ensures that the X10i knows exactly when, and in which order, a sequence of events occurs.

The X10i has numerous multi-purpose programmable input sensing, and output control ports, including four that can monitor activity even when the main power has been removed. It also has eight further lines that can be programmed as inputs or outputs. It can also function as a stand-alone controller, working as a protocol converter for example, rather than being connected to a PC.

The popular USB interface allows Windows or Linux equipped PCs to control, measure, interface and monitor external equipment and components. Heber’s experience in gaming also means that the X10i is backed up with over 20 man-years of software development in the code, drivers and API functions.

For more information regarding how the X10i gaming controller can support your gaming projects, please contact simon.rose@heber.co.uk

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