Heber X10i USB I/O expansion board

26th March 2013

The X10i – new and improved

Heber showcased the X10i at the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show (SMES). One of a family of USB based control interfaces, it offers a wide choice of platforms for application development and target execution systems and operates on 32 and 64-bit Windows systems, 32 and 64-bit Linux, as well as the Raspberry Pi.

A well-known Heber product, the X10i has been upgraded recently. It now offers an extended 180 day back up time on its non-volatile memory, used for storing security and other crucial application information.  Another significant development is changes to the X10i’s software which now enables a flexible call back mechanism to relieve the application of polling tasks.  Control applications often spend much time polling input lines to identify where switches and other input conditions have changed and the software change improves functionality.

The X10i is normally connected to a host PC via USB 2.0, but it can also function as a stand-alone controller, for example working as a protocol converter.

Further development plans are in place for the X10i and Heber news will continue to bring updates as it evolves over the next few months.

For more information regarding the X10i, contact richard.horne@heber.co.uk

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