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30th April 2013

Real time control? There’s an App for that.

Heber believes real time remote monitoring and control will be a driving factor for electronic product development over the next few years. Consumers and businesses are expecting a greater level of control of, and accessibility to, their devices.

Real time control allows microcontrollers to be embedded within a device to sense, monitor and react to events that happen.  At Heber we believe that in a more connected world, 24/7 remote access to devices will become a reality. Using embedded cloud based connections; monitoring and reacting to events can be undertaken immediately – with no delays to the user or the intelligent new products.

This control and monitoring is important in environments where there is a focus on cost management or a lack of real-time engineers.  Whilst designing the capability into the product initially takes a little more time, it is usually more than offset by cost savings in manufacture and product life.

Heber engineers have developed a customisable App for phone, tablet or the PC which wirelessly links to a product’s control system. The App allows remote error alert and diagnosis of faults – cutting service and repair time and cost whilst increasing control.

It’s an exciting time in electronics and we will be focusing on how important the next generation of cloud based and connected devices will be to every manufacturer and designer.

We believe our App can really help with diagnostic monitoring and is a significant benefit to organisations where there are service engineers managing product after care.

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