24th May 2016

Sensor technology – looking to the future

Sensor technology is increasingly looking to integrate easily with control systems which are then connected to the wider world (cloud). Heber’s Managing Director, Les Ashton-Smith gives us his take on how this technology might impact on electronics in the future.

“More and more sensors are being added to control systems to give users the ability to manage and monitor device health and service conditions. The Internet of Things (IoT) may well have become the most overused technology buzzword. However, the concept of ensuring that a sensor, coupled with a local control system, can easily work together and then onward from a control system to the wider world is easy to understand and value.

I believe there will be an emergence of a truly common standard for the IoT. Many claim to have such a standard, but this successful winning standard will most likely be from the open source community or at least be built upon some of open source ideals.

Whilst this ‘grand controller’ in the cloud has its place, it is also important to have a smart control capability locally close to the ‘action’ or point of the monitored activity. The emergence of the ‘App’ to do this ‘grand control’ and the ability to do this remotely is extremely valuable. By allowing users to switch on/off or be able to adjust their home devices, users feel more in control and this is usually a good thing!

However, devices can and should do a lot more within their own perimeters. Heber has been designing smart local control boards, which can learn how they are being used and adjust accordingly to provide energy saving and preparedness within the device for the conditions faced by the device. This has the advantage of not needing human intervention, it provides for constant monitoring, gives independence from any IoT standards and any cloud connecting medium such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There will always be a need to report performance and health status to the wider world and Heber does this but with Heber we will also look to provide the smart control closer to home!”

To find out more about the Internet of Things or how Heber work with sensor technology, please contact graham.jackson@heber.co.uk

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