Xtouch WebHeber XTouch through-glass gaming control
Xtouch WebHeber XTouch through-glass gaming control


A through glass touch button for gaming controllers

XTouch offers game developers and manufacturers the ability to provide improved game play and player interaction.

In machines that have a front panel, the XTouch technology can be used to seamlessly replace mechanical switching, obviating the need to drill holes in the glass. This allows the switch icons to be integrated into the artwork on the glass or Perspex front, rather than breaking up and detracting from the graphic theme that occurs with standard switches.

Versatile and reliable technology

The XTouch technology is mounted behind the wipe-clean glass or Perspex sheet, able to be wiped clean, and protected from water ingress. Ideal for all gaming and amusement machines, XTouch can be customised to a range of different sizes, with a new capability to have hidden switches which can appear depending on the game play. This ensures a bespoke design that is perfect for a wide range of switch applications.

A modern way to play

LEDs incorporated within XTouch provide a spectacular backlight to attract the attention of players, whilst the touch buttons present improved ways to play in a similar manner to a smart phone screen.

Key features

  • Fully integrates with graphic theme
  • Touch sensitive
  • LED backlight
  • Range of sizes, optional customisation
  • A new capability for hidden switches

Ideal for…

  • Replacing mechanical switches
  • Amusement machines
  • AWP machines
  • Use with all Heber gaming control boards

Buy an XTouch starter kit

You can purchase an XTouch starter kit direct from us (below). The XTouch starter kit comes fully boxed, with two large XTouch buttons, two small XTouch buttons and a Quickstart Guide. Each evaluation kit is priced in sterling at £29.99 + VAT (Free P&P). Once your order is received it will be processed and despatched within 1-2 working days.


XTouch Datasheet

pdf, 784.19Kb

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