USB gaming controller module driving up to 8 mechanical spin reels.

XSpin is perfect for controlling mechanical spin reels in PC based gaming machines.

XSpin compliments PC based control system by adding the ability to control up to 8 mechanical spin reels. Supporting a wide range of industry standard 48 or 200 step reels. XSpin is ideal for use in PC based hybrid slot machines.

Supporting both Windows® and Linux a simple but powerful software API is provided for developers. API calls are provided for the following functions:

  • Spin speed
  • Spin direction
  • Spin reel by number of symbols
  • Spin reel to symbol
  • Skill start and stop
  • Nudge
  • Reel Symbol light

All these software features ensure game developers can quickly integrate reels into gaming machines.

A dedicated onboard processor guarantees real time control of mechanical spin reels. Ensuring no slow down or delay in reel movement. Whilst continually monitoring the reel ensuring that any reel tampering is reported.

XSpin key features:

  • Controls up to 8 mechanical spin reels
  • Simple software API for reel control
  • Full real time control of reel position with tamper detection
  • Control reel symbol lights
  • Windows® / Linux drivers


XSpin Datasheet

pdf, 706.99Kb

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