Light up your games

Designed to control up to 256 multiplexed lamps or 256 LEDs, XLuminate adds total lighting control to your gaming machine application.

XLuminate allows you to control individual lamps or LEDs and has 16 individual dimming levels. Stunning lighting effects can be created including fading, quick switching and Tri-colour LED control. XLuminate also includes onboard memory storage which enables multiple LED data patterns to be used for the quick switching of LED effects, such as text displays and other lighting patterns.

Key features

  • Controls 256 lamps or 256 LEDs
  • Individual lamp and LED dimming
  • LED special effects
  • LED pattern data storage
  • Windows® XPe / Linux drivers

Development tools included

XLuminate includes an LED demonstration board and CD-ROM containing Windows® and Linux drivers with easy to use, proven, robust software and demonstration programs. The LED demonstration board enables you to simulate LED displays as you run the demonstration software and develop your code.


XLuminate Datasheet

pdf, 429.69Kb

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