The Pluto Video PSU Sanken 2H167W-1 compatible drop-in replacement power supply unit

Pluto Video PSU

The Pluto Video PSU is a Sanken 2H167W-1 compatible drop-in replacement for AWP gaming machines

The Pluto Video PSU is 100% compatible with the Sanken 2H167W-1 and the perfect companion for the Pluto embedded range of controllers.

The Pluto Video PSU is a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for the Sanken 2H167W-1. The PSU provides power rails designed to meet the requirements of video based gaming machines. A wide range mains input coupled with high peak current rails makes it the perfect companion for the Pluto range of video controllers.


Utilising extensive experience of the gaming market, the Pluto Video PSU has been developed by some of the original Sanken designers to ensure dependability. For reliability and machine up-time, power rails have a high peak current capability that are able to cope with stalled motors.

Technical information for the Pluto Video PSU, 100% compatible Sanken 2H167W-1

Input Characteristics
Voltage AC115V ~ AC230V
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Output Characteristics
Voltage +12V +24V AC Outputs AC Power Fail
Rated Output Current 22A 2.7A 0.15A 2A

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Pluto Video PSU Datasheet

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