Pluto Reel PSU

High current lamp supply, Sanken SPS077W compatible PSU For AWP gaming machines

The Pluto Reel PSU is 100% compatible with the Sanken SPS077W and the perfect companion for the Pluto embedded range of controllers.

Designed to meet the demands of the spin reel amusement with prizes (AWP) market, the 100% Sanken SPS077W compatible Pluto power supply unit provides a wide range of voltages including a high voltage supply for lamp multiplexing. For reliability and machine up-time power rails with motor loads or cold lamps have a high peak current capability. This ensures the PSU is able to cope with stalled motor or cold start-up currents in lamps. What’s more, the Heber Pluto PSU supports all customers currently using the highly successful Pluto 5 and Pluto 6 embedded gaming platforms.

Simple voltage selection

The Pluto Reel PSU provides a simple voltage selection feature. The voltage selection is simply set by a recessed actuator DIP switch which is accessed by the small slot on the side of the unit. The switch can be selected either by a 3-way or 4-way DIP switch.

Technical information for the Pluto Reel PSU, 100% compatible Sanken SPS077W

Input Characteristics
Voltage AC115V – AC230V
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Output Characteristics
Voltage +5.1V +13V -12V +24V +36V +44V +48V AC
Variation Fixed Selectable Mains
Rated Current 3A 6.5A 0.15A 2A 4.8A 3.2A 3.2A 1.5A (230V)
Peak Current 3A 10A (2sec) 0.15A 7A (150ms) 9.6A (20mS) 6.4A (20mS) 6.4A (20mS) 1.5A (230V)

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