Pluto A400

High performance flexible gaming controller based on AMD Embedded R-Series SOC

Pluto A400 Ultra High Performance Gaming Controller from Heber.

Pluto A400 is based on the AMD Embedded R-Series SOC processor and AMD Radeon™ graphics and enables games developers to produce complex smooth animations that are visually stunning and more attractive to players. Hardware video decoding coupled with high bandwidth dual channel DDR4 memory enables superb video playback to produce that extra wow factor in games.

Pluto A400 utilises solid state mSATA drives for storage that can also be configured in RAID mode for redundancy and reliability.

Gaming I/O

Pluto A400 supports a Heber-defined I/O slot that supports a range of gaming I/O cards to suit the customers’ needs.

A400 board web

For machines that require minimal I/I, such as server-based gaming kiosks, a basic I/O card known as I/O LIGHT can be be fitted. For more complex machines, Heber offers a PCIe gaming card (I/O FULL) with triple independent banks of battery backed memory. All I/O cards are designed for market compliance and the architectural flexibility allows for custom designed I/O cards to be developed.

Pluto A400 key features

  • AMD Embedded R-Series SOC
  • AMD Radeon™ R7 Graphics
  • Triple display port output
  • Dual channel DDR4 memory
  • Dual mSATA sockets with hardware RAID option
  • 1 x PCIe x16 Graphics expansion slot
  • Heber defined I/O slot for expansion boards
  • Long life supply (7+ years)


Ensuring that successful gaming platforms do not need expensive re-approval, Pluto A400 has a unique long life commitment of 7+ years. Full device driver support is provided for Windows Embedded and Linux operating systems and, for complete peace of mind, all Heber products are backed by a 1 year guarantee.


Pluto A400 Datasheet

pdf, 490.66Kb

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