Pluto 5

The tried and tested controller

Although now largely superseded by the Pluto 6, the Pluto 5 is still powering new-build machines today for clients across the world.

Pluto 5 is part of the internationally successful embedded controller range from Heber and has remained a best seller since its introduction back in 1998. As an entry level, low-cost embedded control system, Pluto 5 has become the industry standard for spin reel gaming machines, with over 600,000 distributed world-wide.

Reliability is a key factor in the gaming market. Manufacturers need a gaming controller that they can trust in all conditions.

The secret of its success is simple – Pluto 5 is extremely reliable and flexible – a tried and trusted platform that will meet gaming requirements.

Flexible and reliable

Pluto provides you with additional connectivity, extra battery backed memory and even greater security. And if all that wasn’t enough, it also monitors crucial input lines which can allow you to, amongst other things, detect any tampering with the cash box when the machine is switched off.


Pluto 5 Datasheet

pdf, 220.75Kb

X10i Field Proven USB IO Contoller

With an install base of over 100,000 gaming machines X10i is the USB I/O controller of choice. Providing gaming specific interfaces for money handling and non-volatile memory all from a single USB port. Features which enable gaming machine developers to produce GLI-11 compliant gaming platforms with almost any PC motherboard.
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Pluto A100 all-in-one PC game controller

The all-new Pluto A100

The all-new Pluto A100 is perfect for demanding gaming applications such as casino, bingo and street gaming where reliability and performance is paramount. Backed by Heber’s 30 years of gaming industry knowledge and experience, you can rely on the A100 to deliver.

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