X10i complements PC motherboards, adding gaming specific interfaces and non-volatile memory from a single USB port. Features which enable gaming machine developers to produce GLI-11 compliant gaming platforms with almost any PC motherboard. Spinning mechanical reels, collecting money or simply storing meter data X10i provides a simple software API allowing fast game development.


The X4i complements PC gaming systems running Linux or Windows by providing additional serial ports and a number of general purpose inputs and outputs via a single USB connection. The X4i is ideal for simple networked gaming machines or for expanding RS232, SPI and general purpose I/O functionality of current systems.


XTouch buttons provide a capacitive touch sensitive white LED backlight. Enabling gaming machine artwork designers to implement touch sensitive switches without breaking up the game artwork or drilling holes in glass for tradition mechanical push buttons.


XSpin complements Heber’s Pluto range of PC gaming controllers by allowing up to 8 mechanical spin reels to be driven from a single USB port. XSpin enables slot machine designers to produce eye-catching mechanical spin reel top boxes for casino machines. In markets such as Spain XSpin can be used to develop the popular video/mechanical hybrid machines.


XLuminate is a companion product for PC motherboards allowing up to 256 LEDs to be controlled from a USB port. XLuminate allows gaming machine designers to develop bright vibrant cabinet lighting. Individual brightness control of each individual LED is provided via a simple software API providing fast development of lighting effects.

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