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Pluto A400

Pluto A400 is a ultra high performance 4K UHD modular PC gaming controller. Electric system performance is provided by AMD embedded R-Series SOC with third-generation graphics core next GPU enabling games designer to produce visually stunning graphics at 4K resolutions. A selection of USB and PCIe modular I/O cards target VLT, casino and street gaming markets all in a GLI-11 compliant logic box.

Pluto A300 Mid Range High Performance Dual Video Gaming Controller based on AMD G-Series SOC.

Pluto A300

Pluto A300 is based on the AMD Embedded G-Series I Family SOC and AMD Radeon™ R6E graphics. This combination provides game developers the power to produce visually stunning smooth animations that are attractive to players.

The Pluto Video PSU Sanken 2H167W-1 compatible drop-in replacement power supply unit

Pluto Video PSU

The Pluto Video PSU is a 100% compatible drop-in replacement for the Sanken 2H167W-1. The PSU provides power rails designed to meet the requirements of video based gaming machines. A wide range mains input coupled with high peak current rails makes it the perfect companion for the Pluto range of video controllers.

Pluto T100

Pluto T100 provides dual HD video outputs for attractive games on a cost effective budget. Pluto T100 is based on the AMD G-Series APU and when coupled with the highly popular X10i a GLI-11 compliant gaming platform can be produced.

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