24th May 2016

Pluto 6 – proven design longevity

Heber has been delighted to mark the 100,000th machine being built using the Pluto 6 gaming controller. The controller has also recently passed its 15 year anniversary – and is still going strong!

Pluto 6 has seen much success in the UK and Spanish markets over its lifetime. In the UK, the controller’s capabilities make it ideal for amusement with prizes (AWP) machines. The current capability of Pluto 6 includes 256 lamps and LEDs, 8 reels, a ccTalk and a BACTA port. All of which add up to ensuring it has been – and continues to be – one of the most successful gaming controllers on the UK market.

In Spain, the addition of the Calypso 32 video capability to Pluto 6 launched it into the Spanish AWP market with aplomb and has made it particularly successful with the increasingly popular hybrid machines.

Simon Rose, Heber’s Business Development Manager comments: “Pluto 6 is one of Heber’s best-selling products and many customers across Europe continue to develop and release exciting new products based on the Pluto 6 platform. We are delighted by its continued success and the way in which our customers are able to integrate it into their developments for now and the future.”

And the Pluto 6 keeps going! As it is compatible with Heber’s recent product development in the gaming market, the XTouch, the Pluto 6 can now offer customers exciting new ways to interact with AWP end users.

To find out more about the Pluto range of gaming controllers, please contact simon.rose@heber.co.uk

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