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Heber XTouch

Heber Launches XTouch: A new through-glass touch button for gaming controllers

At this year’s G2E show in Las Vegas, Heber will demonstrate its new XTouch technology for gaming machines. The technology has been created to produce a range of new ‘throughglass’ touch buttons, made to custom specification, that replace the traditional ‘spin’, ‘nudge’, ‘hold’ and other...

Heber X10i USB I/O expansion board

X10i – The Gaming Peripheral of Choice

Over the past few months, Heber’s investment in product development has resulted in further support of the X10i gaming controller. The controller provides complete gaming connectivity through the Pluto T100 gaming PC or any other Windows® or Linux based PC system. The X10i connects to...

Heber Production team

Meet the Heber Production team

Heber is proud of the long history in manufacturing as well as design and development. Critical to the success in this area is the Production Team at the Mill. Led by Cath Clark, the team works hard behind the scenes to support customers and suppliers....

G2E Asia

Heber out and about at the G2E Asia Show

New technologies and the support you need to access them. The Heber team travelled to China to be part of the latest thinking in gaming at the G2E Asia show in May. The show is the premier gaming exhibition and conference event for the Asian...

Heber Engineering team

Meet the engineering team

Heber has long had a reputation in the industry for excellence in design and engineering. This month, we meet the team behind the brand – Heber’s engineering team. The team are led by William Gardiner, Heber’s Technical Director. William has the honour of being the...

Elstat and Heber

Adding measurable value to the refrigeration market.

Elstat has been creating cutting-edge refrigeration technology for nearly two decades. In addition to designing and patenting the world’s first intelligent energy management system, Elstat’s technology is implemented in more than 4.5 million coolers in over 160 countries worldwide. As a rapidly growing business, Elstat...

Investing in the future – Heber showcases new gaming controller at ICE

January 2015 saw Heber out and about at the ICE Totally Gaming show. The show was an opportunity to introduce a new generation of Pluto gaming controllers to the market – the Pluto A100 and T100. Both controllers are based on the latest AMD Steppe Eagle...

Investing in a long history of gaming by Heber

Investing in gaming

Heber has a long tradition in the gaming market. In fact, it is where it all started. Heber Chairman, Bob Powell explains where it all began – and where Heber is going… “A chance encounter on a train resulted in the forming of Heber as...

Hidden costs… and hidden benefits.

Most of our customers will consider the design consultancy option for product development to be an ‘expensive’ route. Why is this? Well, the answer appears obvious: the hourly rates of using a consultancy are high compared with the direct cost of employing an engineer. This,...

Intelligent user interface design

Heber engineers are often asked to design intelligent user interfaces. Increasingly these are “virtual” PC-based implementations or as an iPad App®, but many products also call for a physical user interaction. Most people just don’t read product manuals. So, making control systems and displays intuitive...

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Heating systems

Intelligent electronic controls for boilers and heating systems have been a staple of custom developments for Heber for decades. We have experience in the control and implementation of many different types of water boilers and instantaneous heater systems.


Ultra high performance Pluto A400

The Heber Pluto A400 is a ultra high performance 4K UHD modular PC gaming controller, multiple I/O module expansion and low power with a single 12v supply.

Internet of Things

Heber has been doing remote data collection and analysis for many years. Now with ‘Internet of Things’ connectivity (IoT) it could not be easier to get your product online and collecting data. Remote telemetry, sensing and security or trend analysis, we can help you with your next generation of product or service. Heber design and develop innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

Discover more about IoT and wireless communications with Heber.

Cooling Systems

Chilling, cooling and temperature control, monitoring and measurement. Whatever your requirement, talk to us about the control and implementation of your electronics system today.


Wireless and telemetry

Wireless standards, protocols and licenses are a complex area, Heber can assist you in the right choice for your product or application.

We have been involved and active in wireless control systems, data collection, telemetry and remote monitoring of products for many years, talk to us today to make the step into wireless enabled products.


Real time control

Controlling, sensing and measuring the world around us can be a challenge. At Heber we have been creating embedded control systems for decades. From remote temperature measurement to secure data processing and the control of high power heating systems, we understand the importance of a fast real-time control system. Talk to us today to see how we can assist in your next product or application.

X10i Field Proven USB IO Contoller

With an install base of over 100,000 gaming machines X10i is the USB I/O controller of choice. Providing gaming specific interfaces for money handling and non-volatile memory all from a single USB port. Features which enable gaming machine developers to produce GLI-11 compliant gaming platforms with almost any PC motherboard.
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