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Heber Management buyout

The buyout has been led by Les Ashton-Smith, the company’s existing managing director, with the support of the management team. The Heber group of companies will continue operate from its head office in Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK. Serving a wide range of clients in markets around...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in 2019 !

All the team here at Heber would like to thank all of our valued customers and suppliers for your continued support during 2018, and to wish each of you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. The Heber offices will be closed...

The liquid event system from Heber using innovative modular technology

Heber has developed an innovative modular technology approach to monitoring, reporting and controlling events relating to liquid. Real time events include leak detection, accurate flow rate measurement, micro-fine temperature monitoring and level sensing. This means a faster, more streamlined development process for new products or...

Heber exhibit at the Park Avenue Open Day

The renowned Park Avenue Open Day saw Heber exhibit the latest USB gaming I/O controls and power supply units. The biggest and most popular summer event in the UK amusement industry is undoubtedly the Park Avenue Open Day. Electrocoin and UDC opened their doors once...

World Intellectual Property Day with Heber

At Heber, we are constantly generating Intellectual Property (IP) for and with our clients in a wide range of industries, worldwide. So as part of World Intellectual Property Day 2018, it’s a good time to consider how Heber has helped grow and develop some of...

Heber committed to quality with ISO 9001:2015 award

Heber has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification- great proof of Heber’s commitment to providing quality products and services to their customers, worldwide. Following a recent audit, Gloucestershire based Heber- providers of measurement, interface and control technology- has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. The award shows...

Successful Festomane show helps engineering and manufacturing grow in Gloucestershire

The Festomane apprenticeship and careers show at the Gloucestershire Growth Hub celebrated engineering and manufacturing opportunities in the county. Young students, parents and teachers alike discovered what engineering and manufacturing opportunities were available in Gloucestershire with the likes of Delphi Technologies, Renishaw, GE Aviation and...

Charlie Walker with the staff at Heber

Inspiring adventures from Charlie Walker

Charlie Walker, British adventurer, writer, photographer and motivational speaker inspires Heber staff with a thought provoking account of his longest expedition- a 43,000 mile bicycle journey. Staff at Gloucestershire based Heber were truly inspired by the adventures of Charlie Walker whose longest expedition was a...

The new X100i I/O controller from Heber

Heber Gaming customers will soon be able to order the new X100i from Heber; a drop-in replacement for the hugely successful X10i I/O controller. With over 30 years of experience and innovation, Gloucestershire based Heber has become an established leading designer and manufacturer of control...

Heber returns to ICE Totally Gaming

Heber, one of the leading UK independent suppliers of gaming controllers is coming to the ICE Totally Gaming show in London. Heber is showcasing the new Pluto Video PSU along with the exciting new X100i gaming I/O controller. The Pluto Video PSU is a drop-in...

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Heating systems

Intelligent electronic controls for boilers and heating systems have been a staple of custom developments for Heber for decades. We have experience in the control and implementation of many different types of water boilers and instantaneous heater systems.


Ultra high performance Pluto A400

The Heber Pluto A400 is a ultra high performance 4K UHD modular PC gaming controller, multiple I/O module expansion and low power with a single 12v supply.

Internet of Things

Heber has been doing remote data collection and analysis for many years. Now with ‘Internet of Things’ connectivity (IoT) it could not be easier to get your product online and collecting data. Remote telemetry, sensing and security or trend analysis, we can help you with your next generation of product or service. Heber design and develop innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

Discover more about IoT and wireless communications with Heber.

Cooling Systems

Chilling, cooling and temperature control, monitoring and measurement. Whatever your requirement, talk to us about the control and implementation of your electronics system today.


Wireless and telemetry

Wireless standards, protocols and licenses are a complex area, Heber can assist you in the right choice for your product or application.

We have been involved and active in wireless control systems, data collection, telemetry and remote monitoring of products for many years, talk to us today to make the step into wireless enabled products.


Real time control

Controlling, sensing and measuring the world around us can be a challenge. At Heber we have been creating embedded control systems for decades. From remote temperature measurement to secure data processing and the control of high power heating systems, we understand the importance of a fast real-time control system. Talk to us today to see how we can assist in your next product or application.

X10i Field Proven USB IO Contoller

With an install base of over 100,000 gaming machines X10i is the USB I/O controller of choice. Providing gaming specific interfaces for money handling and non-volatile memory all from a single USB port. Features which enable gaming machine developers to produce GLI-11 compliant gaming platforms with almost any PC motherboard.
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