23rd January 2018

The new X100i I/O controller from Heber

Heber Gaming customers will soon be able to order the new X100i from Heber; a drop-in replacement for the hugely successful X10i I/O controller.

With over 30 years of experience and innovation, Gloucestershire based Heber has become an established leading designer and manufacturer of control systems and peripherals for gaming, AWPs and amusement machine manufacturers. One of the most popular device by far is the X10i with over 100,000 sold.

The X100i builds on the success of the X10i by way of introducing dual-banked, battery-backed, faster and larger capacity memory to the improved architecture and also enhancing the on-board security. With a USB interface, the controller can be easily plugged into any Windows or Linux system using drivers to incorporate the enhanced I/O controls. What’s more, the X100i can be an effective drop-in replacement for current X10i installations thereby providing a reduced downtime for upgrading.

Heber Gaming’s Business Development Manager Simon Rose comments, “the new X100i is an ideal solution for AWP manufacturers and developers that require an enhanced USB I/O controller that is both secure and provides a high level of performance. The X100i also offers stereo audio amplification along with open drain outputs for lamps and meters, making it a highly versatile and flexible controller.”

The new X100i was launched at the ICE Totally Gaming show, the industry’s top gaming exhibition in the world, which was held at ExCeL London in February 2018. To find out more about the X100i, contact Heber Gaming’s Business Development Manager Simon Rose: simon.rose@heber.co.uk

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