Heber's new bespoke design brochure

7th June 2017

New bespoke design brochure

Supporting entrepreneurs of the future – seven simple steps for successful electronic product development.

Many customers come to Heber with new product ideas or existing products that require additional functionality for their electronic controls. From roughly sketched ideas that require refining and turning into real, saleable products, to complete products that need re-engineering and improving. With our experience in electronics, software development, product design, design reviews, testing or manufacturing, Heber can help at all stages of your project. We can assist with project management of the concept development to full production and manufacturing including meeting approvals and standards, due diligence on a third-party design and IP registration.

To help our clients develop electronic products effectively, we have put together a brochure that outlines, in seven simple steps, how to successfully navigate the road from concept to manufacture of your idea. The brochure distils Heber’s experience in this area to explain how each of seven key stages of product development can be tackled effectively – saving you time and resource.

The new easy to follow brochure shows each step that can be taken on the road to product development from concept development to procurement, from prototype to full manufacturing support.

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