24th May 2016

Meet the team – Engineering’s Graciela Delgado

A key member of the engineering team, Graciela Delgado, left her native Canary Isles following an MSc in industrial electronics and engineering to pursue her career in the UK. Graciela has been with Heber now for eighteen months and as an Engineer, is mainly focused on software development.

Over the past few months she has been part of the team working on a large client project centred on the Internet of Things (IoT) which has enabled her to work on cutting edge technology. It’s a side to her role that Graciela finds fascinating and she is particularly pleased to have been able to develop her hardware development skills on the project as well.

Graciela comments: “This is the first time at Heber that I have been able to work on hardware as well as software development. It has been fantastic to utilise my skills and knowledge in this area. It has been a really interesting challenge.” She added: “The project has also given me a chance to work more closely with one of our clients in partnership to identify which technology will suit their needs best. It has been really enjoyable to do that and I will watch with great interest as their product is launched into the market.”

Graciela is expecting her first baby in July and we wish her well as she goes on maternity leave and look forward to welcoming the newest member of the Heber family shortly!

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