24th March 2016

Improved game play and interaction through Heber’s XTouch

Heber’s new XTouch is a gaming controller which utilises a range of new ‘throughglass’ touch buttons, made to custom specification, that replace the traditional ‘spin’, ‘nudge’, ‘hold’ and other mechanical switches on game machines. Currently available with a white illuminated button, the XTouch provides large and small touch sensitive illumination to gaming displays.

XTouch offers game developers and manufacturers the ability to provide improved game play, player interaction and machine look and feel by integrating the switch icons into the artwork on the glass front.

The XTouch technology is mounted behind a wipe-clean glass or Perspex sheet where mechanical switches would traditionally be found. LEDs incorporated on the XTouch provide a spectacular LED backlight to attract player attention. XTouch is able to sense players touching the glass in a similar manner to a smart phone screen, offering a new way for gamers to interact with a game machine.

XTouch is ideal for all gaming and amusement machines, and can be customised to a range of different sizes, ensuring a bespoke design that is perfect for a wide range of switch applications.

You can now purchase the XTouch and other products in the Heber gaming range via Heber’s updated website and e-shop via http://www.heber.co.uk/product/xtouch/

To find out more about the XTouch and any of Heber’s other exciting gaming products, please contact simon.rose@heber.co.uk or visit www.heber.co.uk/gaming.

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