Hydro Services

Hydro electronics

Heber have a long and extensive history of sensing, controlling and manipulating fluid based control systems. From showers and washing machines to high pressure steam cleaning and wireless telemetry in vending machines. We can assist you with development, innovation or consultancy in your application.

Vague idea or detailed product specification, we don’t mind. We enjoy technical challenges and thrive on new innovation and product development.

Custom electronic design

Many different clients use our custom design services. We can offer assistance of any fluid based application. If you are sensing temperature, flow or wish to control delivery of fluids, see what we can do to help, review and innovate for you.

Machine to machine control and communication, data processing and protocol implementation. Selection and implementation of a suitable wireless system for your application. Advice for approvals and global regulations, reports and pre-compliance testing.

Consultancy and assistance

Heber can assist with many different aspects of electronics consultancy. From a design review or second opinion, to product feasibility and technology investigation or advice on manufacturing. We can work with your development team, or 3rd party providers if also required. We can offer a wide range of services based on 30 years of electronics design, development and manufacturing expertise for clients on all continents.

Custom software / application development

The human user interface (HMI) of a control system is becoming more essential for many applications. If you require any software development or innovation with control of a system via a user interface, talk to us about how we can assist you.

User interfaces can come in many different forms, from mechanical to touch-screen, capacitive, inductive and proximity sensing. On to LED lighting and illumination of controls and displays. We can also accommodate harsh and extreme environments with protection from fluid, dust, and electrical interference.

Product development

We understand the importance of a complete product development cycle. Making sure everything fits and can work together in both electronics and mechanical systems and during the approvals and product regulation process.

We can be as involved as you wish in the product development process. From concept and idea generation, to refinement, design and development. Then onto approvals, logistics and manufacturing.


Component sourcing, logistics’ test and assembly of electronics and finished products. We can help with prototype to full scale manufacturing with any technology or process. We are not limited to only one type of electronics manufacture. We will design and build in the right technology for your product making test, programming and after sales support easier and more efficient.

Manufacturing in the UK for three decades. We can be cost effective and fast. Talk to us today, we want to be your manufacturing partner of choice for electronic products.

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Internet of Things

Heber has been doing remote data collection and analysis for many years. Now with ‘Internet of Things’ connectivity (IoT) it could not be easier to get your product online and collecting data. Remote telemetry, sensing and security or trend analysis, we can help you with your next generation of product or service. Heber design and develop innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

Discover more about IoT and wireless communications with Heber.

Hydro Dynamics

Hydro Dynamics at Heber is a focused business unit developing control systems and products for the control, measurement and processing of fluids. World-class customers use Heber design and development innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

To see an example of our Hydro Dynamics capability, read about our proportional valve case study here.

Design & manufacturing

Heber Ltd is one of the worlds leading designers of electronic control systems. Our expertise powers systems and products in markets as diverse as access & security, consumer white goods, domestic hot water and vending.

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