24th May 2016

Heber is now a Sigfox partner

Heber is delighted to announce that after designing with a number of Sigfox modules, it is now an official Sigfox partner.

Sigfox provides solutions to unlock the power of the Internet of Things (IoT). Heber has been working with Sigfox as a member of their partner network to support their work in this area through designing electronics for battery powered devices which need to be connected to the Sigfox network.

Heber has experience of designing with a number of Sigfox modules, as well as designing for Sigfox at the component level for high-volume manufacturing. This experience includes enabling downlink communications, greatly extending the capabilities of Sigfox connected devices.

These systems have a particular role in controlling or measuring the flow, temperature, pressure, levels, heating or cooling of water (for example) or where there are low power design requirements.

If you need device design support, especially if that device is battery-powered and needs to be connected to the Sigfox network, you can contact us via william.gardiner@heber.co.uk

Case Studies

Steam cleaning

Cleaning public corridors? Well not surprisingly Bubble gum is a problem, it gets left everywhere and it is notoriously difficult to remove. Matrix, a leading cleaning equipment manufacturer wanted to develop a new steam cleaning system and asked Heber to design the control system.

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