6th January 2017

Heber announces Pluto PSU Sanken-compatible power supply for gaming

At the EAG 2017 entertainment and amusement gaming show, Heber will be exhibiting at stand #346 where it will be unveiling its latest gaming product – the Pluto PSU power supply targeted at the UK AWP market.

The Pluto PSU is a 100% compatible with the widely known Sanken SPS077W power supply that has been in the market for many years. The new Heber power supply will support all customers currently using the highly successful Pluto 5 and Pluto 6 embedded gaming platforms. Heber decided to manufacture and sell its own equivalent unit after significant demand from customers. To ensure that the Pluto PSU is both electrically and mechanically compatible with the previous unit, it has been designed by some of the original designers.

The Pluto PSU will be sampling in January and February 2017 with full production commencing in March. All previous customers who relied upon the Sanken unit to power their gaming systems can rest assured that the new Pluto PSU will be fully supported by Heber and be just as reliable as the previous unit. It is a simple drop-in replacement for the Sanken unit.

Please contact Simon Rose for more details on price and availability at simon.rose@heber.co.uk, or drop by our stand #346 at EAG, 17th-19th January at the Excel, London.

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