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8th April 2014

Does your current design deliver the best for you?

Heber is often asked to review existing designs by our clients. Recently, we did an independent design review of a new product which had been designed and was to be manufactured in China. It was clear very early in our investigations that the hardware was capable of doing the required task with some simple changes. However, the software being used for the control loop was not sufficient or robust enough.

Our investigation showed the software was not operating and performing well with the range of input parameters available. It also did not provide the output performance demanded by the client and the approval authorities. A series of recommendations were made to improve both hardware and software in a detailed design review. The client took these recommendations to their Chinese suppliers and then asked Heber to review the changes that had been made to the design.

In hardware terms the product was much improved and all of our changes had been implemented. The hardware design was competent and commercially appropriate for the application. However, even with our recommendations and observations made the software was still not delivering the performance required. Our client challenged us to write working software for the product for the chosen hardware. We created a new, detailed end user specification and a clear step by step design proposal. Including stage gate reviews and design review points, this enables the client to track the entire project and make sure the project is kept to a tight timescale and budget. Heber delivered a whole new suite of software which meets the performance required. The product was submitted for approval testing and passed first time. The software was delivered to the Chinese partners and now all new products incorporate this new software.

Heber is often asked to review an existing design from many different perspectives. Heber can deliver an independent technology review to look at performance, reliability, fault tolerance and can offer a complete commercial review to ensure that the right technology is being used to deliver the best possible products for our clients.

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