15th July 2013

Diagnostics made easy with ‘Magic Eye’

The Heber Magic Eye is a development, diagnostic and servicing tool developed by our engineers to provide information on the status and performance of electronic systems.

The Magic Eye speeds up on-site fault diagnosis by service engineers and can also reduce the number of service visits. Its ability to analyse a system whilst in use allows service engineers to interrogate a system whilst minimising the possibility of exposure to hazardous voltages. Fault repair can also be confirmed quickly and easily via subsequent analysis of the serviced unit.

All Heber electronic controllers are designed with the capability to provide diagnostic information to the user. Status and diagnostic information is gathered and routed to an LED on the printed circuit board. This LED should be accessible to service engineers without having to take the product casing off.

To ensure ease of access to diagnostic information, Heber has developed an App for the Apple iPhone™ and other iOS devices. The App picks up data transmitted by the LED and displays it graphically on the iPhone via an iOS reader. Data is typically transmitted from the LED every 1 to 2 seconds allowing fast, accurate responses to faults. The type of data recorded is specific to the controller design and customer requirements. Within a water boiler controller scenario this could include parameters such as water temperature, hours of use, open circuit faults and so on.

Heber Magic Eye iPad interfaceThe data stream can be saved and sent via email to assist with the support process and also allow long term study of systems in various environments. In addition, the collected data can be streamed to another iPhone to enable other personnel to assist the service engineer.

For more information regarding the Magic Eye diagnostic tool, how it can link to an iPhone or how it could be used within your business, please contact Graham Jackson.

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