Elstat and Heber

5th April 2014

Cool solution for wireless technology – Heber and Elstat working together

Elstat, the leading sustainable refrigeration solutions provider, provides energy management solutions for clients in the vending and refrigeration markets. Their technology reduces the environmental impact of drinks coolers by switching them on and off intelligently, from learned usage patterns. Temperatures within the beverage cooler are measured using thermistor modules hard wired to a control module on the front of the cooler.

When Elstat decided to improve the ease and speed of installation of the thermistor module within beverage coolers, they asked Heber to develop a wireless version of the module. The requirement was to allow the unit to be placed anywhere within the cooler without any physical connection between the thermistor module and control unit.

Heber’s solution involved producing two units: a transmitter module and a receiver module. Powered by batteries with a minimum six month life, the transmitter module sends information, such as temperature and battery status, to the control unit every ten minutes. A warning indication is generated when the batteries need replacing.

Graham Jackson, Heber UK Sales Manager, comments: “We are very pleased with the outcome. The new wireless solution has proved to be both quicker and easier to install within beverage coolers. We hope that this assists Elstat with their continuing efforts to achieve ever better energy management credentials.”

For more information regarding wireless technology solutions, please contact graham.jackson@heber.co.uk

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