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As a rapidly growing business, Elstat was looking to establish an ongoing partnership with a trusted electronic design and manufacturing firm. Elstat was developing a refrigeration energy management system for beverage coolers, on a very tight timescale, that utilised wireless technology to allow for complete installation flexibility. The need was two-fold; they required access to a wider range of electronic design expertise and a trusted partner that could provide strategic support during a period of business growth.


A traditional energy management system requires a physical connection between the temperature sensor and management system, which limits the number of compatible refrigeration models it can be used with. Elstat commissioned Heber to develop a solution to sit within a refrigeration unit and wirelessly send accurate temperature measurements to an external receiver.

The project included several challenges. Heber suggested bouncing a tightly focused wireless connection through the glass of the refrigeration unit to overcome the difficulty of connecting with the receiver through the steel enclosure. This solution also increased the product’s security as the transmitter broadcasts the signal a shorter distance, limiting the possibility of external interference. The use of wireless technology allows the units to be installed into any refrigeration system, regardless of make or model. The flexibility of this innovative technology represents a significant commercial opportunity.


Following the successful delivery of this first project, Elstat appointed Heber as a design partner to support their ongoing business growth.

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