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Extreme Games with a little help from Heber performed a lightning fast development using Heber’s brand new Pluto 6 Dual Video platform. Extreme Games found a very interesting use of Heber’s technology giving them a performance boost and a fast, stunning game. Read on to find out why Extreme games uses dual Calypso 32 video cards fitted to a Heber Pluto 6 control system even though the game has only one video screen.

Extreme Games had a very tight deadline for a new game development when they contacted Heber in the summer of 2005. The objective was to use Pluto 6 as a platform for their new game La Pera.


Extreme Games wanted to produce a fun and stunning new game. This really pushed Pluto 6 to the limits. Heber were keen to offer Extreme Games the chance to be one of the first customers to work with the new Pluto 6 Dual Video platform. With another 32MB of High speed video memory on the second video card, Extreme Games were able to exceed their expectations and continue development plans for the La Pera mega-game.

Heber provided Extreme Games with one of the first Pluto 6 Dual Video Development Kits. With this Extreme Games decided that not only would they use the extra video memory to have all their bonus games already loaded, but they would also use the second video output. With a little help from Heber, Pluto 6 was able to switch between the two analogue video outputs onto a single screen without any disruption of the picture. This enabled Extreme Games to have 4 different bonus games and have the ability to switch from and back to the main game without any loading-time delays.

The Heber Embedded range of controllers provide high performance embedded systems with video capability and flexible memory options. Pluto 6 has the option of having dual screen video output when two Calypso 32 graphics display controllers are fitted.

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