Innovation in Technology

The partnership between Casino Technology and Heber goes back a long way. Casino Technology approached Heber when they needed an off-the-shelf embedded control solution. This solution was Pluto 1. Casino Technology went on to use newer versions of the Pluto board as the Heber range of gaming control solutions expanded.


When the hugely successful Pluto 5 board was launched, Casino Technology used this with great success in their gaming machines.


Casino Technology then approached Heber and requested a custom Pluto 5 variant board. Heber was able to design a new, bespoke board – Pluto 5 Integrated Video – exclusively for Casino Technology.

Further gaming controllers followed as gaming demanded increased performance and graphical complexity.

Casino Technology took delivery of the 500,000th gaming control board that Heber produced. This landmark achievement was recognised with a presentation to Casino Technology at G2E, Las Vegas. The successful partnership between Casino Technology and Heber continues to grow.


Heber continues to innovate with Casino Technology and have recently supplied samples of the new X-Touch buttons and is working on the next generation of exciting gaming controllers.

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Heber Ltd is one of the worlds leading designers of electronic control systems. Our expertise powers systems and products in markets as diverse as access & security, consumer white goods, domestic hot water and vending.

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Anyone can sell you a PC control board. But only Heber has 30 years of recognised industry experience, providing reliable, dependable systems that actually work. Over 750,000 in fact since 1984.

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Controlling, sensing and measuring the world around us can be a challenge. At Heber we have been creating embedded control systems for decades. From remote temperature measurement to secure data processing and the control of high power heating systems, we understand the importance of a fast real-time control system. Talk to us today to see how we can assist in your next product or application.

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