Heber wetroom setup

6th May 2013

Building technological solutions – the new wet room testing facility

A key sector for Heber is the domestic appliance market where the company has developed and manufactured a wide range of electronic control systems for different consumer white goods. Over the past few years, customer demand for water based appliance development has increased, for example, in showers and water heaters.

As the market has developed, consumers require appliances with a wider range of water pressures and flows. This places more demands on component electronic controls to regulate and ensure safe delivery of water – particularly where the water is heated.

The new test facility provides hot and cold water feeds to allow testing of a full range of domestic appliances including mixer taps, mixer showers and washing machines. Providing several well-spaced test stations, it enables recently developed products to be set up permanently to deliver a fast response to any customer queries. Each station has permanent flow, pressure and temperature meters together with an adjustable pressure limiter. This gives the ability to limit the pressure for low pressure tests and replicate ‘in use’ conditions effectively.

We are delighted to have completed the investment in this significant test facility. The domestic appliance sector remains a key market for Heber and we really wanted to deliver a state of the art test facility for our customers. We believe it allows us to stay ahead of the game in supporting customer aims to develop world beating, water based appliances.

For more information regarding the test facility and other Heber design and test capabilities, please contact graham.jackson@heber.co.uk

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