Manufacturing at Heber

Heber has been manufacturing electronic assemblies in the UK for over thirty years. We continuously invest in control and test equipment to ensure that we always deliver exceptional quality.

We develop global supply partnerships to ensure we get the best raw material prices, which means we can offer you a competitive price.

We can offer build options for different volumes within the UK, Europe and the Far East so that our customers can get the right manufacturing solution to suit their needs.

We offer a complete service for manufacturing from components to products and through to life time care. We have developed an expert purchasing capability, an integrated production planning, assembly and test capability, and also offer a full rework and repair service to our clients. We operate a fully bespoke and integrated computer system to control, manage and improve our manufacturing process.

Heber works hard to be your manufacturing partner of choice.

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Manufacturing with Heber

MiSTer Multisystem – Retro Gaming Console

The Multisystem is an all-in-one motherboard that combines a number of existing MiSTer hardware developments, and adds more expandability whilst keeping 100% compatible with the MiSTer Project.

The Multisystem FPGA based gaming platform, is a design collaboration between Heber Ltd. and The Retro Group Ltd.

Hydro Dynamics

Hydro Dynamics at Heber is a focused business unit developing control systems and products for the control, measurement and processing of fluids. World-class customers use Heber design and development innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

To see an example of our Hydro Dynamics capability, read about our proportional valve case study here.

Internet of Things

Heber has been doing remote data collection and analysis for many years. Now with ‘Internet of Things’ connectivity (IoT) it could not be easier to get your product online and collecting data. Remote telemetry, sensing and security or trend analysis, we can help you with your next generation of product or service. Heber design and develop innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

Discover more about IoT and wireless communications with Heber.

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