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Heber’s team of highly experienced electronics product developers is ready to offer their electronics expertise, creativity and enthusiasm for your next project.

We have the capability to manage a complete development, from product conception through to production. Alternatively, we can assist with individual elements of the development process such as feasibility studies, software design or PCB layout. Our services are very flexible and can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

Long term component supplier relationships mean that we can continuously identify and source new technologies and capabilities for our customers. This enables our clients to adopt early advantages into their products, helping them to develop evolutionary and detailed product road maps.

From start to finish we’ll endeavour to build a positive ‘can-do’ working relationship with you. Our aim is to be a key part of your delivery team. The closer the collaboration, the greater the chance of project success.

Find out how our world leading designs can drive your business.

Design with Heber

Capacitive touch sensing

Offering a great solution where a traditional switch or button is not desirable, capacitive sensing allows more flexibility of design and an enhanced user experience.
Discover our innovation and skills in electronic capacitive touch sensing solutions.

Hydro Dynamics

Hydro Dynamics at Heber is a focused business unit developing control systems and products for the control, measurement and processing of fluids. World-class customers use Heber design and development innovation for pioneering new products and services in the appliance and industrial control of fluid based systems.

To see an example of our Hydro Dynamics capability, read about our proportional valve case study here.

Don’t take a gamble on your gaming controllers

Anyone can sell you a PC control board. But only Heber has 30 years of recognised industry experience, providing reliable, dependable systems that actually work. Over 750,000 in fact since 1984.

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