Working at Heber

If you like exciting challenges and problems to solve then consider a new career at Heber.

You could ask everyone who works here that question and get a different answer each time. It is all sorts of things. It can be deeply rewarding, it can also be great fun. At times it can be frustrating. It can be tough, and it can be demanding. For some, working at Heber enables them to do a good job that they can leave behind at the end of the day. For others, working here is their life and their passion. If you are wondering whether we are the company for you, the honest answer is that Heber is what you make of it. We think it is a great place to work. The opportunities are all out there, waiting. It is up to you to seize them.

If you want to work in the electronics industry and have a passion for teamwork and problem solving please get in touch with us.

Current Vacancies:

We are currently looking for new apprentices to join the company. We have vacancies in the Engineering, Operations and Sales & Marketing departments. All apprentices will join the company and undergo a varied induction process with the opportunity to experience different roles throughout the company. This will be along side full company sponsorship of day release training in the related field in a local college.


For details of these and any other vacancies please get in touch.

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